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The List: 7 Of The Coolest Boho Bedrooms I've found on Pinterest

The List: 7 Of The Coolest Boho Bedrooms I've found on Pinterest

Call it nesting, or batting down the hatches…but with Winter now securely on my doorstep, I’m getting ready for hibernation and looking for new decor ideas that will cozy-up my abode (who’s with me??) At the first sign of cold weather each year, my focus shifts from BBQ’s, patio lights and nights under the stars, to transitioning my pad into a winter-hideaway. Without question, one of my all-time favourite sources for new decor inspiration has always been Pinterest and I’ve been blowing up my account lately, pulling together some new ideas to take my bedroom from summer-chic, to welcoming retreat.


No matter the time of year, I always favour bright, airy spaces—but for winter, especially ones softened with layers of sumptuous textiles. Have you been thinking of redecorating your space? Don’t start before you take a look at these gems I’ve pulled together. From etherial all-white escapes to bold accent walls, these bohemian bedrooms will get you excited to bring a touch of boho into your home this season.



Photographer Tessa Neustadt captured this stunning bedroom that absolutely stopped me in my tracks. I’m so in love with the balance that’s been achieved in this design - the soft, neutral palette with layered textiles is the perfect backdrop to highlight thoughtful details like the antique dresser and rattan light fixture.



I’ve never met an exposed brick wall that I didn’t like…and this stunning backdrop is no different. Covering the exposed brick with a coat of bright white paint gives the space a crisp, and decidedly modern feel. Designer Amber Lewis, of Amber Interiors, keeps this bedroom from feeling cold and uninviting by adding natural wood elements and layers upon layers of luxe textiles.



Photographer/Stylist Carlay Page Summers travels the world photographing stunning interiors. But for some major bohemian design inspo, we need not look any further than Carlay’s breathtaking North Carolina home. Her vaulted, black iron bed frame creates a sense of drama, while the gilded floor mirror and handcrafted textiles add a sense of old world luxury to this beautify simplistic space.



This gorgeous space by designer Sam Sacks, is a great example of how to bring a touch of So-Cal chic to your bedroom by adding a mix of global textiles in different textures and patterns.



White walls, white furnishing and white textiles. Designer Leanne Ford nails this dreamy bedroom by mixing crisp linens and antique accents to maintain visual interest in this uber-white space.



Photographer, stylist and “pin-fluencer”, Victoria Smith, posted this swoon-worthy shot of Creative Consultant Tim Labenda’s Gucci wallpapered bedroom. Ya that’s right…I said GUCCI wallpaper! And while a print this bold may not be everyones cup of tea, there’s no denying that it creates a stunning backdrop for this beautiful bohemian oasis.



I saved my favourite bedroom on this list for last: this shot by Villa Styling is all of my modern-boho bedroom dreams come true!! I love, love, love the balance that’s achieved by mixing sleek, Scandi furnishings with layers of sumptuous bohemian textiles. Add a sexy cactus and some natural fibre accents and this room is complete.


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