Founded in 2016 by Canadian designer Devon Specht, EBB & FLOW is a home decor brand that offers a combination of unique travel finds from around the globe, as well as original designs that are handmade in Toronto, Canada.  

EBB & FLOW was born from a desire to create and source products that are both timeless in style and sturdy in construction. With a passion for travel and having been inspired by the tranquility of life growing up in Muskoka, ON., Devon aims to bring a touch of modern bohemian design to the home.  

"What’s most important to me is that we’re offering products that have both style and quality at the forefront of the design...they have to stand the test of time. I’ve travelled to over 30 countries so far and what I’m consistently amazed by is the incredible craftsmanship that exists around the world. Our range of products has definitely been inspired by both the vibrancy of international design, and the laid-back comfort of Muskoka." - Devon Specht