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2023 Gift Guide For Eco-Friendly Consumers

2023 Gift Guide For Eco-Friendly Consumers

While spending time with loved ones is undoubtedly the best holiday gift, there's something special about presents under the tree. Choosing eco-friendly gifts is an ideal way to contribute to the well-being of our planet and pave the way for a sustainable and greener future for everyone. If you're eager to witness your favourite person unwrap something physical this holiday season while remaining environmentally conscious, consider a few key points: choose gifts that will be genuinely used, opt for products made from recycled or natural materials and be mindful of minimal plastic and packaging.


Need some inspiration? Here are 9 thoughtful ideas to get you started.

9" Concrete Vanity Tray - Amethyst

Our 9" Concrete Vanity Tray brings style and versatility to your interior spaces. Handcrafted in coloured concrete with a sealed finish, it's perfect for displaying signature perfumes and lotions, catching candle drips, and creating the perfect centrepiece for your tablescape - both indoors and out. 

Solid Dish Soap Bars

Go green with our Solid Dish Soap Bars - the perfect way to reduce your plastic waste while having sparkly clean dishes! These vegan, organic, zero-waste bars are incredibly concentrated, leaving your dishes squeaky clean without the addition of chemical additives. Just create a foamy lather with your dish brush or cloth to cut through grease and grime with ease.

Roman Soap Dish



Our Roman-style, self draining soap dish is designed to make dishwashing effortless. The subtle sloping design ensures excess water and soap drip away, leaving your dishes spotless and your clean up hassle-free. Make every washing session a pleasure with this beautiful and functional dish.


Alta Throw Blanket - Olive


Sustainably-made and crafted by artisans in Tlaxcala, Mexico, this blanket delivers durability and softness that withstands the test of time. Woven on a traditional loom using yarn spun from 100% recycled fibre, a blend of 50% acrylic / 10% cotton / 40% polyester makes them machine washable and easy to care for.


Colour Block Pillar Candle - Green/Lime


Light up the night in style with our 2-tone Colour Block Pillar Candles. Crafted from luxurious, all- natural soy wax, enjoy 60+ hours of long burning glow in your choice of eye-catching colours. Made with quality and style in mind, this candle will be the perfect addition to any room.

Tilde Concrete Trivet - Moss Green


Sculpturally modern and versatile, our Tilde trivet is made from sturdy, hand-worked concrete. Protect tables, buffets and counters from warm dishes and hot-from-the-oven pans, while the wavy grooves allow heat to dissipate. Foam feet to protect surfaces from scratches. Mix and match for a colour block effect.

Mesa Taper Candlestick Holder - Stone


Our Mesa Taper Candlestick Holders look beautiful standing alone or grouped together in a colourful collection. Perfect for modern or traditional décor, this eco-friendly candle holder adds a stylish statement to any space. Mix and match colours for a playful, modern look. Holds a standard size taper candle. Each piece is hand cast in our Muskoka studio.


Swell Soy Wax Pillar Candle - Fuchsia


We created our Swell Pillar Candle for eco-conscious consumers who want a design-forward, long lasting, non-toxic alternative to traditional paraffin candles. Handcrafted in micro batches usingUSA grown, all natural soy wax, they last up to twice as long as regular paraffin pillars, with a clean-burn that won't release toxins into the air.


Beeswax/Soy Blend Taper Candles - Storm Blue


Elevate your home décor with these visually stunning and environmentally conscious Beeswax/Soy Blend Taper Candles. Our hand poured taper candles are made from a luxurious blend of the highest quality Canadian white beeswax and 100% pure soy wax. Poured in micro batches, small variations in colour may occur. No fragrance is added—just the sweet natural smell of beeswax! 



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