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Solid Dish Soap: What's In Our Bars.

3 self-draining roman soap dishes displayed with each type of Ebb & Flow's solid dish bars and bamboo scrub brushes on a marble countertop

Indulge in the delightful fragrances of our zero-waste solid dish soap bars, where every scent tells a story of sustainability and innovation. Our soap bars are created with a unique blend of pure essential oils and lab-created aroma compounds, meticulously crafted to offer a scent experience that rivals nature itself. You might be wondering, "what exactly are aroma compounds?" Let's get into it...

Aroma Compounds

What Are Aroma Compounds?

Lab created aroma compounds are bio-identical, which means that they’re made from the exact same molecules that exist in nature (think: lab-grown diamonds). While pure essential oils, derived directly from flowers, herbs, and fruits, are undeniably alluring, their extraction can often strain the environment due to extensive resource consumption. This is why we’re thrilled to have found a biodegradable, natural fragrance alternative that smells amazing and is safe for people and the planet. 

Ebb & Flow dish bar sudsing under the tap


Sustainability & Efficiency

Driven by our commitment to environmental awareness and human health, we wanted to create a highly concentrated, and super effective soap that delights the senses while preserving our planet's resources.

Our Solid Dish Soap is vegan, free from sulphates, phosphates, parabens, palm oil, never tested on animals and each bar replaces up to 3 plastic bottles of liquid detergent — a biodegradable, sustainable alternative designed to care for people and the planet.


A purple Roman Soap Dish holding a solid dish soap bar
A pot filled with soapy water next to an Ebb & Flow dish bundle

Discover the harmony of sustainability and sophistication

Pair our Solid Dish Soap with our self-draining roman soap dish and bamboo scrub brush for a complete, eco-conscious cleaning experience. We have a range of Solid Dish Soap Bars and accessories in an array of captivating colours—because caring for your home and the planet should be a beautiful experience.

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