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Primp & Pop X Ebb & Flow - BTS at the Lakeside Muskoka Photoshoot

Primp & Pop X Ebb & Flow - BTS at the Lakeside Muskoka Photoshoot

As some of you may know from social media, when COVID-19 hit Canada this spring, I packed up the online shop and moved (temporarily) from Toronto to Muskoka so I could spend the summer social distancing with my family. I arrived in March thinking that I’d just stay for a nice long visit - maybe 4-5 weeks - assuming that life would be back to normal in a month or 2 (HA!!) I originally had no intention of being here for the whole summer…but as the reality of the longevity of this Global Pandemic set in, my total desperation to get back to life in Toronto was soon replaced by an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the opportunity to spend the summer at home in Muskoka.

Around the first week of June, I got a text from a dear friend asking if I might be interested in collaborating on a new project she was planning. Now I loooooove a creative collaboration on the best of days… but the chance to connect and collab with a friend + a rockstar group of other female entrepreneurs at an historic lakeside Muskoka resort?! Well that was a complete no brainer: “YES!!”.

Meet the lovely Bryn Armstrong! In addition to being my friend and the organizer/visionary behind the shoot, she is also the founder of Muskoka-based, boutique elopement company, Primp & Pop.

Friends since grade school - Bryn made the move to Toronto after university and launched her career by opening her first wedding planning business, An Artistic Affair. But after years of planning over-the-top, big budget nuptials, she decided that it was time to pivot and refocus on getting back to what she is truly passionate about: creating intimate and authentic moments that are all about the attention to detail. So in 2016 after coming back to Muskoka, she opened Primp & Pop and has been planning exquisite elopements, pop-up and micro-weddings ever since.
Bryn: “I returned to my hometown in Muskoka and it was my turn to head to the altar. That's when I had an epiphany! Knowing all of the ins and outs of getting married, I craved simplicity, elegance and low-stress. We had just purchased a home, had a baby on the way and big dreams of what we wanted after we exchanged vows. My partner and I agreed that it didn’t make sense to spend several thousand on one day. But we also knew that we wanted the day to be unlike any other.  So, we put on a wedding that met this goal, but compromised none of the good stuff. I came to realize that we weren’t the only ones rethinking the traditional formula. Inspired by this changing tide, I opted to shift and modernize my business.”
A Sunset Photoshoot at the Historic Delmonte In the Pines.


Nestled amongst 55 secluded acres of tall pines on the eastern shore of Sparrow Lake, Delmonte In The Pines was built in 1906 by David Sanderson. The first thing that hits you when wandering the stunning grounds of this historic “old Muskoka” resort, is that it feels like a trip back in time, or Dirty Dancing come-to-life. This enchanting lakeside retreat was chosen as the backdrop for the shoot not only because of its charm and beauty, but also because it’s the location for Primp & Pop’s latest offering: The Elopement Day Series.




While planning thoughtful, intimate elopements is one of Bryn’s specialities, new COVID-19 restrictions put in place in Ontario this Spring (only 5 people allowed to attend a ceremony) ushered in the need for a further adjustment to her wedding planning. Unwilling to compromise on her commitment to provide an unforgettable experience for her couples, she came up with a brilliant idea tailor-made to respect social distancing, while still delivering on the charm - a curated picnic for 2, the perfect romantic escape for a couple who’s just said “I do”.



Included in the sweetheart picnic package: an Ebb & Flow La Cabaña Blanket, a mouthwatering artisanal spread from The Oar, a choice of Muskoka beer or Ontario Wine, locally made bamboo cutlery sets and a picnic basket. Who could resist?!




Hands down, one of my very favourite things about this gorgeous shoot was the sheer number of local businesses that Bryn pulled together to make it happen. I’ve always known her to be a lover of working with as many Muskoka vendors as possible in all of her wedding planning, so it was amazing to get the chance to be included in this project. The shoot lasted from about 4:30PM - 9PM - which may seem like a long time, but let me tell you, it was over in a flash. It was such a fun and inspiring opportunity and I can’t even express how awesome it was to get to spend an evening coming together with other creative female entrepreneurs to make magic. There is so much incredible talent right here in Muskoka and I literally could not be more grateful to get to be here for the summer.


Near the end of the night, as the late golden sun was going down over Sparrow Lake, I wandered out to deck for a quiet moment alone and stood there just watching the waves and thinking to myself “how on earth did I get this lucky?” Xx







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